"Mastering Made Easy & Affordable For All Artists" - Only $10 per song.

Why Does My Music Need To Be Mastered?

The simple answer is: Raygun Sounds makes your music sound better. No track leaves Raygun Sounds without sounding better than the original mix we receive. Raygun Sounds can do this because we have the right listening environment, equipment, knowledge, and experience. In fact, it is what Raygun Sounds does all day long - work to make your music sound better.

Our Promise To You

  • If we don't think we can improve your songs, we won't accept your money. Period.
  • If you want feedback on your songs before we begin, we're happy to offer it. Just ask.
  • If we think your mastering goals are unrealistic, we'll tell you. And we'll do all we can to help you improve your recordings or suggest other alternatives.
  • No secrets. If you want to know what we did and why we did it, we'll tell you.

We Can Prove It To You

Let us prove to you Raygun Sounds can make your music sound better. We will master your first song FREE OF CHARGE. CLICK HERE to get started.

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